What is rssgoemail

Rssgoemail is a tool, inspired by rss2email to fetch your favourite feeds and send them in your local mailbox. rssgoemail can fetch the following feed formats:

Latest release: 1.0.2 (2022-12-16)


To install rssgoemail, from the command line:

$ go install

If you prefer to install from the .tar.gz archive, after extracting it, from the project's root:

$ make
# make install

The program will be installed in /usr/local/bin along with the man page.


Configuring rssgoemail is just a matter of writing the complete URL of your favourite feeds in the .rssgoemail.conf in your HOME directory. For example, to fetch the Hacker News rss feed and the Guardian rss feeds, write this two lines in the file:

The format is one URL per line. Empty lines and ones starting with # are implicitly ignored.

After that, just run rssgoemail.